Datis Teb is a Pharmaceutical supplier was founded in 2017 after receiving the legal permit of the “Ministry of Health, Medication and Medical Education” of Iran. Company’s main focus is on optimum distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. “Datis Teb” started its research and development with covering a majority of Tehran’s medicines, clinics and other health and Medicare centers. 

Having the benefit of working with country’s top pharmaceutical suppliers is one of many features that helps the group Pharmaceutical Distribution stand apart. The company is supplying raw material for Pharmaceutical suppliers and it also deliver Supplements for strengthening, vaccines and drugs which are not produced and rare in Iran for Iranian market. Our major client is red crescent in Iran. 

Datis group tries to support most important features of our life demands. As we know, one of the most vital and main necessities of these days’ human life are pharmaceutical products and supplements requirements. Unfortunately, in modern life and new century, the pressure and stress of our life are more than before; therefore, beside of ordinary foods and casual diet we need to support our body with supplements. The supplements such as Vitamins aid us to manage the outside and inside pressures and convert our body and mind to be more powerful. So according to this point of view, Datis group has been stablished Datis Teb in order to accompany people of our country in to the healthier life. Other main features of Datis Teb is to supply the necessary medications for special disease and also any other disease.  

For improving the quality of medicines in our country we focus on good manufacturing products and the GMP in importing pharmaceutical products. We do our best effort to patronage our countrymen and develop our country in to the healthy life.