Datis Docharkh is a leading e-bicycle, Segway, different range of scooters and tricycles supplier from diverse countries such as: United Kingdom, Italy, Taiwan, Germany and China. Datis Docharkh is dedicated in supplying and importing E-Bicycle and E-Bikes Components, Accessories, Tires and Tubes for mentioned products as well. We appreciate green environmental interest in our group and its related product range. Our strategy for next phase is providing a production and assembly lines for e-bikes and e-mobility in Iran.

In Iran, air pollution is one the main important matters, so according that, the founders of Datis group intends to import and assemble non-electric and electric bikes and electric motorcycles. Datis Docharkh research and development team try to find best brands with best quality; in Datis Docharkh we focus on the customers’ demands and society development. 

The future transportation system more rely on electric transportation and using bicycle, therefore Datis group crates new team to develop using these kind of transportations. 

In 2017, Datis Docharkh make an agreement with Leaos and Bottecchia two Italian brands. 

Leaos produce solar hand-made bikes which obtain prize of best design in reddot award 2015. 

Bottecchia is one of the most professional brand bikes in the world, they produce professional, city-bikes and electric bikes in more than 100 models