Datis Holding`s environmental recall  

Modern human is involving with important issues of air pollution, melting of glaciers and global warming. Solving such a phenomenon requires attention of a large number of people and also economic activists. Environmental events “world cleanup day” and “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer” might be a trigger for all of us to remember that we are living in a world with limited resources. If we would not participate in protecting the world ourselves, soon we would be witness of all these blessings being destroyed. Datis holding has been focus on environmental protection very beginning of its activity.

In Datis holding we understand that are participation and actions would attain a better life quality for Iranian and this would happen with group of people and their fascination. Now that we have taken the initial steps and walked in this pathway, provided the necessary environmental infrastructure, we ask you to come and join our community to take next steps more influential. 

Condition of our country’s environment is not in good at all and to solve this problem it requires contribution of everyone. To play its role effectively in terms of social responsibility, Datis Holding invites all environmental organizations and NGOs to send us their resumes and proposals to following email address pr@datisworldwide.com  we will study them and we would welcome those who would like to cooperate or support us in future projects.