Automotive division

Heico Sportiv

Datis holding is representing: Heico Sportiv which is the world’s leading supplier of exclusive Volvo accessories and offers a complete range of interior and exterior accessories, which embody what the company has stood for over 20 years: Designed, engineered and produced in Germany. With enthusiasm and passion. Since 1995.

Manhart Performance

Datis holding is expressive Manhart in Iranian market which has always turned its attention to the refinement of vehicles from the BMW M-GmbH. The optimization of the power to weight ratio through technology swaps and engine transplants has become the trademark of the company. The engineers from Manhart Performance have equipped vehicles like the E30, E46 or E90 M3 with engines intended for much bigger models Of course each transplanted engine undergoes a thorough performance upgrade and the chassis are equipped with bigger brakes, suspension and exhaust systems.

Bicycles Sector

Datis is providing superb Bottecchia Cicli S.r.l. products which is a bicycle manufacturing company headquartered in Cavarzere, Italy. Datis offer about 70 models of Bottechia that include road, mountain, trekking, city, BMX, folding, cyclo-cross, and electric. Some high-end frames are produced in Italy, the rest in Asia, and all the bikes are assembled in Italy. They have distribution in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States. They are the technical sponsor of the Androni-Sidermec-Bottecchia professional Italian team and we are looking forward to develop their assembling line in Iran soon.

Datis premium bicycle is LEAOS which is founded in 2012 with the aim of creating a new urban-mobility segment that offers style-oriented people a flexible, emotionally appealing and sustainable means of transportation in the city. We brought the LEAOS project in Iran to fruition in collaboration with Italian industrial designer Francesco Sommacal and a carbon specialist from the Formula 3 sector. LEAOS Pure, our first product, is already entering its third season. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we are in the preparation stage with many other products that together will form a real LEAOS family.

Lubricant Segment

Datis is providing Millers oil from United Kingdom and Takumi from Japan

Parts segments

Intact Batteries 

Datis is official representative of Intact batteries which are made in Germany. They are superb batteries to fulfils the requirements of all vehicles. It is ideal for vehicles of older construction as well as for the latest prototypes. The new SHD is the right alternative for complex equipped heavy-duty trucks. All three types are very powerful, maintenance-free and extremely reliable. The SHD technology combines optimal grid design with mike glass fleece in a separator pocket. This stable technology combined with an extreme resistance to vibration (V3) also allows the use under toughest conditions. Through the use of glass mat separators, the new SHD is better protected against a possible deep discharge and the associated sulfation. The use of glass mat separators allows a 30 % higher cycle life compared to conventional commercial vehicle batteries.

Race chip 

Power, dynamism and innovation is ‘RaceChip priorities, and with ‘RaceChip technological expertise combined with the company willingness to blaze new trails we've been able to guarantee sophisticated products and absolute customer satisfaction.

Datis an élite representative of TCS batteries

SongLi battery was founded in 1995, which is specialized in the advanced battery research, development, production and sales of comprehensive high-tech enterprises. SongLi battery is one of the earliest battery brands provided in Iran. Company’s products are widely used in motorcycles, electric bicycles, cars and industries and all kinds of special purpose, more than two hundred varieties and specifications.

Datis and e-commerce

 Doing business as Datis Kala which is an Iranian electronic commerce and cloud computing company based in Tehran, Iran, the company was founded by Alinaghi’s family in 2018. The tech company would be the largest Internet retailer in the Iran soon as measured by revenue and market capitalization. The Datis Kala website started as an online diversified to sell electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, clothes, lifestyle and jewelry.