Datis Part is a supplier of wholesale genuine parts for leading automotive, agricultural, heavy machineries industry in Iran. Relying on market experience for 20 years, the holding gained prominence in terms of quality and pricing. Our customers’ testimonials speak volumes of our service and in return have made us a preferred supplier fostering close knit business relationships. 

 Datis Part is one the prominent companies of Datis group, actually in Datis Part we support other companies of Datis Group. As it is obvious, we import and supply the automotive, commercial vehicles, industry machinery an d heavy machinery`s spare parts and consumable products. In Datis Part, we are focusing on the demands of the market, and try to present the best quality including the suitable price. Two main reasons lead us to start the activity of Datis Part, after sales and repair services of Datis Khodro Mandegar. We intend to undertake the whole part of the driving a car; also we have considered Datis Dizel, Datis Kesht and, Datis Sanat, Datis Khodro Mandegarkar and Datis Kala which need part for their main products. 

In order to let our customers to be assure about their purchase, we decided to support the parts and after sales services of the products that we supply in our holding. Datis Part do not focus on the specific area, we are working with different companies around the world; globalization is our goal and for reaching this aim our country needs the big step; supporting the customers after purchase. In Datis Part, you can find whatever you want for repairing your car, your bike, your machine and so on